SG75-8600X Telescopic Light Tower

The mobile lighting device features a wired controller and wireless remote control, automatic reset, high power, high brightness, wide illumination range, etc. It can be quickly activated to provide high-brightness illumination.Equipped with 8 pcs 600W High Brightness LED Lamp.Suitable for

Product Details


Lamp working voltageAC220V
Lamp power600W*8
Lamp working current ≤22A
Rotating working current≤ 2A (max)
Horizontal rotation angle380°
Vertical rotation angle180°
Horizontal and vertical rotation speed4r/min
Luminous flux500000lm
Equipment working environment temperature-30 ° ~ 55 °
Lamp switch mode

two sets of lamps are separately controlled

Lamp lighting beamfloodlight
Lamp source typeLED
Control modedistribution box panel, wired controller, wireless remote control
Remote control distance ≥150 meters, powered by three 7th dry batteries
Protocol control modeRS485 control interface (built-in)
Baud rate9600
Lifting powerpneumatic
Spring wireexternal
Lifting rod height7.5M
Closing height1.76M