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    Senken Group Co. LTD. has six subsidiary companies and 30 national sales offices. The establishment of branch company is the group development strategy which will ensure the product segmentation and production specialization, and improve the product quality. At home, our distribution channels is gradually improved and completed, which offers the clients great convenience on purchase activity.

    Senken Investment Co., LTD is mainly involved in the commercial real estate, luxury residential, office development and business services. As a member of the China-Sinorich Consortium (Holdings) Co., Ltd, the company has strong capital financing capacity. At the present, the company has already invested in a number of commercial real estate and obtained great achievements.

    Wenzhou Chanf Technology Co., LTD is the Import & Export company of Senken Group. Chanf has its own R & D group and the production lines, the product quality has reached international advanced level, the company obtained ISO9001, CE and UL ect. As the leading enterprise in China for police equipment, Senken has the significant competitive advantage, is the first choice partner on OEM and ODM in the industry from the overseas, while Senken’s own brand product is gradually won the trust of customers around the world.

    Senken Air Denfense Co., LTD is committed to the R&D of air defense warning and acoustic and control equipments, has JDS series of electro-acoustic air-raid sirens, JDS mobile lifting power alarm systems, JDS electric car air-raid sirens, hand sirens, electric sirens, multimedia metwork control systems, air defense warning demonstrator, administrative enforcement of civil air defense helmets and other products widely used in air defense systems at all levels.

    Senken Special Vehicle Technology Integration Co., Ltd. specializes in distributions, services, system configurations, designing and refitting of special vehicles. The products include police commanding vehicles, patrol vehicles, on-site inspection vehicles and police information processing systems. It is another stride towards the diversified development of Senken industry.

    Senken Technology Co., Ltd. is involved in mobile and portable lighting equipment, industrial R & D and production, and the products are widely used in night-time emergency, on-site inspection, constructin, incident handling, emergency repair, mining operations, electrical repairs and inspection, the railway repair and inspection, public security border patrol when the demand for night operations and other mobile and portable lighting.