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R&D center is responsible for the mission of providing core technical support for Senken security industry. Senken has already formed a multi-tiered opening technology development network regarding Company’s technology development center and Professional Technology Service as the main and forming scientific research, education, training and development as a "technology chain". Developing products from “follower” to “leader”. Since the establishment, always adhering to the "strong science and technology enterprise" development strategy, continuously cultivating and throwing up advanced technical and managerial person who adapt to global competition and business development to push forward the technological advancement comprehensively and accelerate scientific and technological achievements into productivity rate. So that converting enterprises from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, developing products from traditional mechanical to module electronics, intelligentizition and miniaturization. We invest 5% of our annual sales funds as a technology innovation outlay. Establishing a research and development center which governs the technical working group. Establishing a stable relationship of scientific research and personnel training with some colleges.Promoting the adjustment of the talent and quantitative structures, the quality structure and age structure. Providing a guarantee of human resources for technology innovation and new product development. Simultaneously,establish incentives to stimulate scientific and technological personnel in scientific and technological innovation initiative.

technology team
SenKen owns an excellent technical group The R & D center has registered each kind of specialized technology development personnel more than 80 people, which come from the product industrial design, the machine manufacture studies, electronics, acoustics, optics, the technological design and so on the different field, they is responsible for specialized product research, the industrial development tendency research, the first-line manufacture technical guidance, the after -sale service technical support, the production and the test equipment research and the transformation promotion. By far, In the emergency special vehicle light, the police equipments, the civil air defense facility, the removable lighting system etc. relative domain, the R & D center has succeeded in promotion more than 100 series over a thousand kind of new products, and wins the several technological progress prize, 80% of which has reached the international advanced level on the line. The Senken occupational team with overall academic and the R & D application area ,which is the Senken and society's wealth.

Technology Innovation
Senken persists in the road of science and technology to thrive enterprises, continuously increasing self-reliant innovation and R &D efforts, taking the lead in establishing the Provincial-Level R & D Center in the trade enterprises, Product Experimental Testing Center and Acoustic Testing Center etc, providing a good hardware guarantee for the enterprise’s technological innovation. Simultaneously carrying out CIMS Computer Integration manufacturing system, fully adopting CAD、CAM、CAE、CAPP technology. At present, awarding invention patent, utility model, design patent and other patents, in total 70 patents. Senken always pays close attention to the development of the industry, and participates in the formulation of national standards and more than 10 industry standards.

Industrial Design
The industrial design is the innovation and the development soul to Senken , according to the humanities environment of the global various consumer, the profession standard and the different user demand and so on the relevant factor, entitle the product with more novel design, more ingenious structure, and lets the user feel charm of high-tech product under the prime man-machine environment, Senken ----- with the supreme industrial design and the manufacture idea, pursues constantly the harmonious unification between the science and esthetics, technical and artistic, the person and the machine.

machine research
Machine Manufacture Studies Because of the particularity of the our line, Senken have to do their utmost to study designs and transforms promotes on the aspect of professional production and the test equipment, ensure all product of our company stand in leadership status in the domestic market of the line, and promote the more products to reach the international advanced level. The R & D center design some equipment by themselves, and fills the domestic profession blank, example as simulation dust test equipment with sealing performance inspection of the product, the magnet steel installment machine to solves the complex installation question of the ultra large-scale magnet steel, the equipment of Senken sometimes obtain overseas profession expert's appreciation. In August, 2003 , The light solidification system equipment is apply to the oversea market , with unique strength , low shrinkage rate , good resistance ?§Cproof , bright color , prime binding power between the level and the level and so on the superiority, cause Senken to become place of the first choice for surface treatment on the line or relative field of the European and American market.

The R & D center has advanced and integrated electro-acoustical research and inspection equipment , apply the international supreme electro-acoustical technology, study higher magnetic-flux density, the high performance magnet steel material, enhanced the sound - pressure sensitivity of speaker , improved the dynamic range, gain light weight, small volume ; do the special magnetic circuit design to enables the each characteristic of the entire tubular to reach the higher standard; The simplicity and ingenious performance circuit design, discard the burden of front level circuit, improves the penetrate-ability of sound ,promote obviously index of noise ratio and transformation speed ratio; SENKEN adopts the wire design with interval mode between power circuit and signal circuit, insulate effectively the interference of power to warning tone signal, make sure keep the signal purity, make the design in accordance with high fidelity principle. Adopting micro-chip to simulate the warning tone, could occur the Fire , Security, Service ,Transportation , State, Project, Siren , Low sound and Blend tone and so on warning tone.

The R & D center utilizes efficiently the performance advantage of each kind of light source, optimize the combination among each kind of light-source, optics lens, the reflector and so on, satisfies for the definite lighting demand of emergency special vehicle light, portable the working lamp, the vehicle searches lamp, the scene wide range lighting system and so on, release the maximum electric- light transfer efficiency of lamps. The R & D center and US develop together the LED warning light, optimize the combination of optics lens, enhanced greatly the colored performance and the penetrate-ability of LED. The R & D center take the establishment of the world level R & D center as a goal, construct continuously the develop and to innovate the system, promote constantly the R & D ability in the product industrial design, the machine manufacture studies, electronics, acoustics, optics, the technological design and so on the different field for domestic and foreign customers to create more novel, practical high technology product.

Experiment Center
Senken regards the product quality as the survival and the development basis, establish " Without Defectiveness "as the quality goal, and manage and control the quality of product in accordance with the international quality control system and the national standard. "The repeated experiment, unceasingly improves, provides the prime product, serves to consumer" is our objective. In order to have the real effective data about the improvement and the development of product, during more than 10 years development course, our company continuously pursues the high quality product, inspect unceasingly the test equipment, we invest several million Yuan to build up most advanced modernization scientific laboratory in the domestic line, integrated experiment equipment, could simulates the nature environment, do high or low temperature test and discover accurately , promptly exist question in the product The High & Low Temperature Constant Humidity Thermostatic Equipment Adjust from the below zero 40¨G to the below zero 100 ¨G under high & low temperature test £?5%-98%between humidity. The Module Dust Equipment Through adjusting dust aerosol quantity or simulation rainfall amount , do dust and rain test , test the sealing performance of the product. The Vibration Test Install the product on the vibration platform, through adjusts the laboratory frequency variety, vibration change and the different direction change, simulates the automobile under the different speed, different roadway, confirms the machine performance of the integrate product and each parts. The ultraviolet ray test Lay the product into the test box, exposed in the some ultraviolet ray radiation atmosphere, through the certain time to accelerate the aged experiment of product, confirms the lighted change condition of product whether meet the quality requirement; The Salt Mist Test Display the product into the test box, through match the sour alkalinity value of liquor for obtaining the suitable temperature, adjust spray-fog quantity to fog the liquor, deposit naturally on the product, certify the anti-corrosive ability of product as accelerating product corrode experiment. Through various item test, we will analyze the different result of test, take some improve to product, achieved to meet the stipulated condition in each item of experiment, enhance the quality feature ability of product, and develop, manufacture and service for consumers under "quality policy". Meantime, we will improve further our test equipment, attempt the each test to achieve the Europe and America international specialized level, ensure certify reliability of product quality. Senken achieve first the ISO9000 quality control system certificate in domestic line, and obtains the German TOV certificate, the European Union CE certificate and American UL and the E-MARK certificate and so on a series of authoritative organizations certificate, which is the real aspect of enterprise quality level. The European Union CE Certificate: The "CE" symbol is one kind of security certificate label, mark CE symbol in the product, which is meant to meet the European instruction request of security, health, the environmental protection and the consumer protection The UL Certificate: U L is the one of the ISO 90000 maximum appraisals organization, product security standard of U L Corporation is appreciated in US market. The product of UL certificate Safe authentication product enjoys the very high prestige after U the L in the international market. The European Union E- MARK Certificate: E derivers from regulation of the Economic Commission of Europe ( Namely ECE ), is called the laws and regulations which ECE) promulgates (Regulation). At present, ECE compose of the European 28 countries, Eastern Europe , and the southern Europe and so on the Africa - European country. The German ETS: ETS is authorized by Germany security technology center organization (ZLS) and German approval institution (DAR), which is the one of the most important GS test organizations in the world.