Stab Resistant Clothing For Police Officers FCF-F-SK-02

Stab Resistant Clothing For Police Officers FCF-F-SK-02
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Stab resistant clothing for police officers FCF-F-SK-02


Unmatched blunt trauma protection from a punch, blow or kick.

Based on our professional front line experience and extensive research,

We can only stress that an impact based assault is a more likely event than

An attack involving an edged weapon or firearm.

Extreme protection from hypodermic needles

Weight: ≤3kg  


Material: PE UD fabric&Aluminum Alloy.

Color: black, Multi Cam camouflage, dark blue also customized colors

Outside cover:nylon oxford

Construction: Wrap of policeman uniform(dirty water proof,oil resist)+ nonmetal stab-proof chip
Flexibility: Easy to wear and take off
Stab-proof Properties: Can bear 24J  puncture kinetic energy
Acclimatization Temperature: -20°C~+55°C