Hot Sale High Protection TOP One Impact Resistance Anti Riot Suit FBF-B-SK03

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Come with special carrying bag

This rigid outer shell design provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing the fit or comfort; 

The suit is lightweight and ranked highest in ease of getting into or out; 

The Velcro modular flex design allows all shapes and size to fit comfortably without sacrificing much needed mobility; 

The entire kit comes with its own suitcase with padded shoulder straps for storage and transport. 

Impact strength: no damage, no crack on protection layer by 120J kinetic energy

Flame resistance: measure up to FV-2 level for protection layer, oxygen indicator over 28%

Energy absorbency: impress not over 20mm by 100J kinetic Penetration resistance: no penetration by 20J kinetic energy

Protection performance:
GA420-2008 (The Standard of Anti-Riot Suit for Police)

Protection Area: ≥1.2 m2;

Height: >165~195CM

Color: Black

Weight: 7.0 KG




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