Vehicle Mounted Long Range Acoustic Devices SQS-800-01C

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Voice clear, high sound pressure, high directivity professional microphone for voice amplification communication effect is good 

According to the needs of the wireless call system into the distance wireless voice calls

High directionality: strong directional, reduce risk, to avoid unrelated personnel exposed to strong audio

Camera system: 32 million high-definition network camera, the target image can be real-time monitoring, and can expand the laser image ranging, light lighting function, through the integrated vehicle integrated console LCD monitor 4G wireless transmission device, the movable observation target area carries out observation and monitoring



System operating voltage


System operating current

≤20 A(max)

Lamp rotation working current

≤5 A(max)

System lift height

1200 mm

System Horizontal Rotation Radius

1200 mm

Horizontal rotation angle of the system


System level, vertical rotation speed




Camera bearing capacity


1 m sensitivity

151 dB

100 m sound pressure level

106 dB

Camera pixels

3.20 Million

Bright light LED

90 W

Effective optical dispersion distance

≦50 M

Effective lighting distance

100 M

Power amplifier peak power

600 W

Effectively disperse the sound to disperse the distance

100 M