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ZCS-D20 Law Enforcement Data Collection Equipment

Jul 10, 2018

ZCS-D20 Law enforcement data collection equipment

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ZCS-D20 law enforcement data acquisition equipment, with the consideration of the size and weight, equipped with side handles, back cooling fan and 10 points 15.6-inch capacitive touch screen and other functional modules to solve the possible safety and operability of the collection equipment. At the same time, software can monitor the storage capacity of the hard disk and the network connection status through software, and record and alarm in time.

The USB interface is extended by the HUB to meet the requirements of 12-20 simultaneous access capabilities to ensure the stability of data transmission. To ensure the security and upload rate of the data storage of the law enforcement data collection device, the monitor-level hard disk is selected, and the average single-channel upload rate is >4MB/s. Choose 12cm double ball ultra-quiet fan and special hard disk frame (home made), the whole machine working noise <45dB. The law enforcement instrument cable has its own shielding layer, and its electrostatic discharge immunity reaches the level 4 standard.

Suitable for police stations, traffic police teams, maritime affairs bureaus, armed police, fire brigade, road administration, city administration, railway departments, etc.


The desktop design and small size, the weight of the whole machine is about 20KG, which is easy to move and install;

Support 20 law enforcement recorders to access the acquisition at the same time, the average single channel data acquisition rate > 4MB / S;

10 points 15.6-inch capacitive touch screen with 1280*1024 resolution;

64G SSD system, supporting capacity of 32TB (external storage cabinet can be expanded on demand);

Automatic data collection, automatic clearing of law enforcement data, time correction, and charging;

Centralized management of law enforcement data, strict authority, hierarchical multi-level authority control;

Cloud data management.

Technical Parameters

CPU: Intel G4400

Motherboard: Gigabyte H110M-H motherboard

Memory: DDR3 4GB

System disk: 64G solid state disk

Mechanical hard disk: 2TB~32TB (external storage cabinet, expand capacity as needed)

Display: 10 points 15.6 inch capacitive touch screen

Law enforcement space: 12-20

Mechanical hard disk space: 4

Shell protection level: GB208-2008 IP20