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Y-SK-01-H Multifunctional Belt

May 09, 2018

In the single-police equipment, most of the weapons we discuss are offensive weapons and daily EDCs, and less attention is paid to the multifunctional belts as an auxiliary presence. So people either don’t care about choosing a belt or they don’t know what to pick.


Y-SK-01-H Multifunctional Belt

How to choose a multifunctional belt ?

Senken's multi-functional belts have internal and external belts, which greatly reduce the restraint on the waist and improve comfort.

● The main function of the inner belt is similar to that of an ordinary belt. It also helps to fix the outer belt.

● The outer belt is usually used to carry tactical pendants, such as handkerchiefs, flashlights, police work bags, baton sets, holsters, and tear sprayer sleeves. Others can be disassembled separately.


Six advantages

Senken Multifunctional Belt Compared to Ordinary Belt

1 High quality material

Ordinary belt buckles are made of aluminum material, while Senken multi-functional belts are made of zinc alloy material and plastic buckles. They do not emit harsh sounds and lock unavailable, and reduce weight.


2 Practical and convenient

On diagonal belts, the Senken multi-functional belt has a new leather shoulder strap that allows it to carry police body worn cameras for law enforcement officers to perform real-time entry on site.


3 Adjust freely

Ordinary belts are not adjustable inside the belt, can not adapt to the size of different duty personnel. The Senken multi-functional belt adjusts the inner belt, and its tightness can be adjusted by the on-duty personnel and is suitable for various body types.


4 Different rotation angles

Ordinary belt baton sets and tear injector sleeves are fixed, while Senken multi-functional belt baton sets and tear injector sleeves can rotate 360° freely and have different rotation angle functions, which can effectively prevent the inconvenience of sitting and lying. Pull batons and tear sprayers at any angle.


Baton cover


Tear sprayer sleeve

5 Waterproof zipper

Ordinary belt work bag is easy to get wet, and the work bag zipper of Senken multi-function belt adopts waterproof zipper, which ensures the information in the bag is not wet by rain when working personnel are working in rainy days.


6 Fast drying

Ordinary belts are generally made of canvas or leather or even cotton. Senken multi-functional belts are woven from nylon, absorbing less water and drying faster. Under the same specifications, nylon absorbs only 30 percent of the waistband of a cotton belt.