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X-Ray Security Inspection Machine

Sep 06, 2018

The X-ray security inspection machine was applied in the airport in the field of Aviation in the 1990s, but it has been widely used in railway and bus station, government agencies, conference center till now.


SENKEN X-ray Inspection machine can penetrate 43mm steel plate and has a linear resolution of 0.0787mm. With advanced material recognition function, it can distinguish organic matter, inorganic matter and mixture according to the atomic number of the detected object, which is helpful for operator to recognize and judge the image.


It is applicable for security checks on Inflammables, explosives and other dangerous articles in the parcels, express mails and hand luggage, such as guns, fireworks, sulphuric acid, alcohol, widely used in courts, prisons, subways, customs stations, port terminals, logistics and other public places.

5030C X-ray inspection machine

5030C X-ray machine.jpg

1. Permeability: 43mm steel plate

2. Clear image: LCD display screen with video resolution 1920*1080

3. Easy to distinguish object with Color/black and white image switching,

4. Multiple images processing function - Further increase image sharpness and restore to the original image by         One-click

5. Hazardous material image insertion function – easy to recognize

6. With Image saving function into USB as “.bmp”“.jpg”“.gif”“.png”

7. Low nosie: ≤ 54dB(A)

8. Multiple hardware available: remote console, auto-sensing, surveillance camera, LED advertising screen, GPS  positioning, etc.

6550C X-ray inspection machine

6550C X-ray machine.jpg

10080  X-ray inspection machine

10080 X-ray machine.jpg

100100  X-ray inspection machine

100100 X-ray machine.jpg