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Senken New Wireless Integrated Warning Display

Apr 10, 2020






●Small size and light weight;

●Large display area,wide visual range within 100m

●Dual screen for message display,voice synchronization;

●Wireless control, mobile phone wifi synchronous connection;

●Integrated warning light and siren speaker,red, blue, amber optional.


Integrated warning light, siren, wireless microphone, LED display and other functions.



l  Warning LightHigh power LED, professional optical reflector design, in line with international optical standards R65/SAE.

l  SpeakerNew acoustic structure design, adopts 2 X 50W two-channel speakers to improve the volume of sound and sound quality under the premise of reducing size and power.

l  SirenIntroduce wireless Bluetooth, digital power amplifier, DSP tuning, and frequency shifting technology for picking up sound, greatly improving the sound quality of the alarm sound and the clarity of the shouting; suppressing the howling, wireless remote control shouting;

l  LED Screen640 X 160 display area, scroll to display road and warning information, switch and edit display content through mobile APP and wireless remote control, comes with text display and voice broadcast synchronization function

l  Controller Equipped with a 1.8-inch TFT color display screen, it can synchronously display the working status of the whole device. Equipped with SD card function, it can play audio files. Bluetooth wireless controlled method can control the whole device function and perform high-quality audio propaganda within 10 meters.


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