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What's The Use Of Wearing A Police Helmets?

Jul 19, 2017

The police explosion-proof helmets is made of hard polycarbonate shell, also entangled with multi-layer bulletproof fiber material, the exterior is the helmets of fireproof fiber.

The police use the explosion-proof helmets made of hard material, with 2.5 cm thick polyethylene foam plastic lining, can play a strong impact on protection and cushioning, to achieve protection of the head. The mask of the explosion-proof helmets is made of a hot plastic film with a high perspective ability. About 2 centimeters thick, capable of resisting the impact of a shrapnel simulator with a speed of 700 pieces/sec. The explosion-proof helmets is equipped with an air conditioner, which can circulate the air in the face, remove the mist in the mask and maintain a good transparency. The helmets is also equipped with a radio walkie-talkie that can be kept in touch.

The most superior performance of the police explosion helmets can reduce the shock wave caused by 90% of the head acceleration damage. The study shows that the rear part with a sturdy mask or an explosion-proof helmets is less protective against the accelerated damage caused by shock waves in the head, and that the reduction in head acceleration can only reach 55%~60%. When all explosive agents are 1 kilograms of TNT explosives, the protective performance of their explosive atmospheres in different explosions can be obtained through the eod-7b explosion-proof helmets of Canadian products opposite the explosives and tests with sturdy masks or blast-proof helmets back toward the explosives.