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What Is The Use Of Arm Shield?

Sep 22, 2017

Arm shield with a solid, lightweight, can be anti-attack, can control, can break the window and so on. For the police in the action to provide a strong protection, do not need special training, direct use of human instinct can be a good response to the use of a very worthy of recommended protective equipment! So what is the use of arm shield? Anwar police equipment from the following aspects to explain the following:

Arm Shield Strength: Arm Shield In short is set on the arm to use a protective shield, no matter how sharp with the other side of the tool arm will not be a little bit of damage, can be a good protection of the human body from harm.

Arm shield of the broken window performance: arm shield can be a good way to get rid of the vehicle windows, when the criminals ready to drive to escape when you can use the arm shield to break the vehicle window, caught criminals.

Arm and baton with the use of: in the process of fighting with the criminals can be used in conjunction with the baton, arm shield for protection, baton for the attack, a good match can make the arm shield to play the greatest effect!

Above only shows a part of the use of arm shield, in their daily lives can be used according to their own needs arm shield!