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What Are The Characteristics Of Metal Handcuffs?

Oct 10, 2017

Metal handcuffs with anti-defensive performance, strong firmness, high durability, open, close flexible, anti-lock positioning reliable, beautiful appearance, bright coating, corrosion resistance and so on. Applicable to public security, special police task when the suspects to limit their activities on the police equipment.

Police equipment production of metal handcuffs bright surface, uniform color, no shelling, blistering and other defects, the connection parts are smooth and tidy.

The following is my company produced some of the technical handcuffs of metal handcuffs:

Size: H: max is 60 mm, min is 45 mm, B: max is 80 mm, min is 40 mm

Anti-dial performance: anti-dial work time of not less than 2min.

Corrosion resistance: grade 9.

Durability: not less than 6,000 cycles of work.

Static pull force: handcuffs horizontal static tension 2000N, longitudinal static tension 2000N to maintain 30s, cuff body is not open, no deformation, no cracks.

Metal handcuffs is a kind of police equipment, or police with a ring, its main users for the administrative, judicial organs, individuals have no right to buy or use. I believe we are very understanding of this point. Compliance with the use of metal handcuffs in order to make our lives more legalized!