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What Are Some Of The Problems With Riot Shield?

Jun 06, 2017

Riot Shield is the police officers and soldiers to carry out riot task, more use in their own protection, to avoid the people do not calm the damage of the powerful protective gear. Anti-riot shield has been upgraded, the use of functions limited to the protection, not seen at the same time, there is the function of counterattack identification of anti-riot shield.

Riot shield.

For riot shield, there are a few questions:

1. There is no relationship between shield and shield, and the users of small power cannot get the support of neighboring shield.

2, there is no steel nails, the rioters in the more shoving when people are not easy to protect.

3. When moving on the ground, it is inconvenient to lift the shield with the hand.

4, to the near so that the mob did not have a better way to fight back, physical response means not enough, and the distance to the rioters can not hurt the counter-attack.

Riot shield we sound like a great armor, riot shield are a defensive device used by the armed police or the town mob, the main purpose is to let the mob back and protect their security role in the town, can resist sticks, control knives and unknown liquid surprise attack, but also can withstand the low speed bullets, this is the riot personnel indispensable equipment.

General riot shield is external convex arc or arc surface rectangle, this can let the shield of impact more powerful, materials generally use FRP, PC materials, polycarbonate and other materials. In general, the team's first player was armed with riot shield to give the players cover.

Special forces use heavy shield, the following with wheels, this shield can withstand bullets, because the shield is thick and heavy, hand-held very laborious, can not be held, but more heavy.

The issue of riot shield, we have to address these problems to make up for these and avoid problems.