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Warning Lightbars A Variety Of Styles Full Of Personality

May 19, 2017

Warning Lightbars Widely applicable to a variety of special places for warning signs, but also for municipal, construction and monitoring, ambulance, rescue staff for signal contact and orientation instructions.

Warning Lightbars Features

High efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection; excellent core circuit design, sound and sound and light two modes of operation arbitrary conversion, the sound alarm sound intensity as high as 115 dB or more, the sound intensity of the light source, Strong ability to penetrate.

Rechargeable battery high-energy non-memory battery pack, charge and discharge performance and stability, high capacity, low self-discharge, energy saving and environmental protection.

Safe and reliable use of advanced optical software and optimized structural seal design, the shell selection of imported engineering plastics, subject to strong impact and impact, to ensure that the lamp can be in a harsh environment in the long-term stable and reliable work.

Easy to use small size, light weight rated voltage, easy to carry, can be used to place the table, portable, magnetic adsorption and other means.

1. High quality and high cost: Our three-color Warning Lightbars not only has a stable and generous shape, very beautiful and unique personalized, but also has a very powerful function. Multi-layer Warning Lightbars series shells are made of high-quality materials, bright color brightness, light and brighter and can be passed farther, you can use for a long time without the phenomenon of non-aging fade, all aspects of cost-effective Very high

2. Three-color Warning Lightbars full of personality, just to make you different: in this high economic development, market competition, you need more creative products, three-color Warning Lightbars to provide a variety of products for you Choice, a total of LED multi-layer Warning Lightbars and single-layer Warning Lightbars more than 20 kinds, give you a great choice of personality space. The bulbs also have different styles of different sizes for your selection.

3. Three-color Warning Lightbars function is complete, just to become your personal steward: by function sub-Warning Lightbars are bright, flash type, often with a bee police, shiny with buzzing and other unique features, do all the ability to meet your demand.