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Warning Display System - YXP-C-DC12-KJ03-00029

Aug 16, 2018


Brief Instruction:

   Vehicle Mounted Display YXP-C-DC12-KJ03-00029 is suitable as a traffic warning sign for police duty, engineering rescue and other traffic occasions, which is designed after adopting ideas from the users like Traffic Police Administration, with the features of novel structure and convenient use.

   The display system is mainly composed of LCD control box and display screen. LCD control box can store the commonly used warning text and graph in the field of traffic and engineering and the control box can be removed from the device at any time. The display screen adopts super bright LED, the luminous indicator board from which can be seen at a distance in the sunlight.



  • Novel constructure:  public traffic slogans and patterns through controller

  • Low display power consumption (under 40 Watts ); Directly powered by battery without noise from dynamo

  • High brightness, wide visual angle and adjustable lightness: horizontal Angle of view can reach plus or minus 60 degree and can be effective under sunlight, night, foggy and rainy days and other circumstances.

  • The controller can change the display screen content for convenient use

  • Large storage and multiple display modes: display screen can store 99 pieces information and can be made into scroll screen, flip screen, 2 words, 4 words, 8 words or multiple words, etc.

Technical Parameters:     

  • Working voltage:  DC12V±10%

  • Pixel tube spacing: 10 mm×10mm

  • Physical density: 10000 point /m2

  • Size of module board: 320mm×160mm

  • Ways of control:  wired controller

  • Ingress Protection:  IP65

  • Wired controller:  with the backlight Auto off function (In a certain period of time, the backlight is automatically turned off without operation and is automatically turned on when the button is triggered again); The client software import the text and graphic information to the controller by using the USB flash drive; the controller can change the content and the luminance of display screen, and switch the lights.

  • Inspection report from Testing Center for Quality of Security & Electronic Product under the Ministry of Public Security of P. R. CHINA