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Visiting Senken: Ningbo Kaifulai Special Automobile Limited Company Visited Our Company

Dec 20, 2017


In November 29th, Ningbo Kaifulai Special Automobile Limited company chairman Jianhao Xie 4 people to come to visit our Seken, the general manager of the Ministry of internal trade Lin Yu  and industry one department general manager Xu Yi, the industry three department general manager Ruan Chengyang, Zhejiang min area marketing director Lin Jiangqing and staff warmly received the leading line, and accompanied visit.



In the Seken sample showroom, and technical personnel as the leaders introduced highway vehicle panoramic forensics system, intelligent lights, 4G law enforcement recorder, PPSS anti cut series, mobile lighting equipment, alarm apparatus and other products, leading a line of in-depth understanding of the development process and the core technology innovation and transformation of the star. The scientific and technological achievements of interstellar highly integrated, intelligent and informational have been greatly appreciated by the leadership.



In the subsequent forum, our group chairman Shisheng Chen also attended the meeting, visiting leaders and talk about the future of the industry trend with them. With the in-depth exchanges between the two sides and the in-depth discussion of the development of the industry, the opportunities and challenges that the enterprise will face will be clearer. In the future, interstellar will continue to accelerate the pace of technological independent innovation, constantly enhance marketing and service system, provide customers with the best quality products and services, and create a one-stop "police equipment integrator".