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TZ2800 Portable Multifunctional Light

Jun 19, 2018

Portable multifunctional light


Suitable for railway, electricity, public security, oil field, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises in the night field operations, loading and unloading of goods yards, patrolling maintenance, accident repairs and other high-brightness lighting and other work sites to provide mobile lighting.

Performance advantages


Convenient and flexible: beautiful appearance, simple and convenient operation, portable, tabletop placement, magnetic absorption, hanging lighting and other ways; lamp head can be adjusted within 120 degrees of irradiation angle. Imported high-current button switch, the operation is more convenient and durable.

Efficient and reliable: The special lithium battery pack has no memory, no pollution, high capacity, long life, safe and stable performance, low self-discharge rate, and can be charged and discharged at any time.

Practical energy-saving: Using 3 × 3W Cree LED light source, the brightness is more than 3 times the 50W halogen bulb, strong light for 7 hours, working light for 14 hours.

Waterproof and durable: With its precise structure and special alloy material, it can ensure that products are subjected to strong impact; with good sealing, it can withstand wind and waves and heavy rain.

Professional intelligence: Charger adopts special charge management chip control, high reliability, fast charging, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, trickle charge, and status indication.

Technical Parameters


Rated voltage: 14.7V

Rated capacity: 5Ah

Operating voltage: 12V

Light source (9WLED): Strong light current: 0.7A; Working photocurrent: 0.35A; Average service life: 100,000h

Continuous discharge time: strong light: 7h; working light: 14h

Charging time: <8h

Battery life: about 1000120 cycles

Appearance size: 151*131*272mm

Weight: 1.5kg