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Traffic Police Led Shoulder Light

Nov 21, 2020

Traffic police led shoulder light


Classification of shoulder lamps


Shoulder lamp for police, Police patrol shoulder lamp, Led shoulder lamp for police, Red and blue shoulder lamp, Shoulder lamp for road administration, Special shoulder, lamp for traffic police, Shoulder lamp for urban management, LED flash shoulder lamp, Solar shoulder lamp, Safety shoulder lamp, Solar shoulder lamp, Shoulder clip flasher


Parameters and performance of shoulder lamp for police


The shoulder lamp of Senken Group Co., Ltd is powered by high-energy battery, LED flash controlled by computer IC chip, various optional light modes, flash, double flash, single flash, rotary flash, alternate flash, SOS call for help, light (on), light (dark), flashlight lighting. The shoulder lamp of Hebei Wuxing Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong high beam flashing warning function, which can provide obvious warning effect even in the weather of heavy rain and fog at night. The shoulder lamp of Hebei Wuxing Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. has the effect of high beam and obvious target. It can replace the traditional warning signs: it can be placed on the roof and the rear of the car, and can also be placed on the ground for warning. The shoulder lamp shell of Hebei Wuxing Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is made of high-strength transparent engineering plastic, and is wrapped with TPE thermoplastic elastic plastic, which is anti rolling, waterproof, dustproof and durable Oil, corrosion resistance: the yellow light of the police shoulder lamp of Hebei Wuxing Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is very strong in the fog. In addition to the red light, the product also has yellow light and red blue light warning light: the shoulder lamp of Hebei Wuxing Power Equipment Co., Ltd. can also be used for outdoor lighting in addition to flashing warning; the shoulder lamp of Hebei Wuxing Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is charged with high-energy battery. High brightness: visible at 100 meters during the day and 900 meters at night, reliable and durable: it can adapt to complex road conditions, prevent rolling (30 tons of heavy vehicle tires), waterproof (20 meters of water depth), dust, oil and corrosion resistance. Rotate flash (6 hours) quad-fl ash flash (8 hours) single flash (35 hours) alternate flash (5 hours); SOS distress (7 hours); solid-on high (high), (4 hours solid-onlow low (low)

(20 hours); 4L edilluminate 4 LED lighting (5 hours)


Environmental protection shoulder lamp


Environmental protection shoulder lamp many sanitation workers lost their wheels, which is what we do not want to see. If they are equipped with shoulder lamps, the tragedy will be greatly reduced. Cherish life, please wear safety shoulder lamp.


Main styles: shoulder lamp, shoulder clip flasher, battery shoulder lamp, safety shoulder lamp, sanitation shoulder lamp, traffic police shoulder lamp, road administration shoulder lamp, red and blue shoulder lamp, law enforcement shoulder lamp


The performance of shoulder lamp for traffic police and road administration personnel of Senken Group Co., Ltd


1. It can be found 500 meters away. The shoulder lamp adopts high brightness LED lamp to realize the function of flash through switch.


2. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, good waterproof performance, stable and reliable performance, long continuous flash time and convenient carrying.


3. Traffic police and other law enforcement officers wear them on the road at night, which can not only remind drivers to abide by traffic rules, but also effectively protect the safety of police on duty. Product style: ordinary LED battery shoulder lamp, with two No. 5 batteries inside, red flash, can realize 7 kinds of flash mode solar shoulder lamp, without any power supply. The sun can convert solar energy into electricity


It can be stored in the electric storage element E of the product to realize red and blue flash at night, with excellent warning effect. Hebei five star power equipment Co., Ltd. products are: shoulder lamp, road special shoulder lamp, traffic police shoulder lamp, urban management shoulder light, LED flash shoulder lamp, solar shoulder lamp, safety protection shoulder lamp, solar shoulder lamp, shoulder clip flasher 15369356027


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