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Top 10 Motorcycle Led Warning Lights Manufacturers & Suppliers

Oct 27, 2020

Top 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers


TOP 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers——SENKEN


Do you know why SENKEN is the TOP 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers?


First of all, In terms of the size of the plant, SENKEN is the largest motorcycle led warning lights factory, SENKEN has 30 years’ experience of producing motorcycle led warning lights, including police motorcycle rear and front lights, police motorcycle rear pole lights, police motorcycle front pole lights and general motorcycle led warning light etc. you can read some details: so we still we have to consider more aspects of factors of being one of the top 10 TOP 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers in the world, so now, I trying to introduce you the several different key points of being the top 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers.


Top 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers’ R&D capacity of product and technology, product technological innovation capability, etc. We have a lot of investment in product technology research and development and product innovation every year. We want to make sure that our products have the latest leading technology, we hope that our products are using the latest materials and technology. We also have our own market research team, they are always working on some projects, for example, every year, we usually prepare some subjects and Investigate customer needs in the market so that we can easily know how to update our new products etc. besides, we also have our own research team with whom you can communicate the latest technology of the motorcycle led warning lights and so on. This is an essential factor of being the op 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers in the world. That all about our research team and our goal in this area.


To be top 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers, the high quality products is one of the most important factor. Yes, we also pay much more attention on this field, I am trying to introduce you our products in several aspects, its material, its shape, its practicability, its Optical characteristics etc. first of all, let’s see the materials of the motorcycle led warning lights, According to the light source, the lamp can be mainly divided into halogen tungsten lamp and xenon lamp. Halogen lamp is luminous through tungsten wire, with low lumen, insufficient brightness, easy to consume electricity, and its service life is only 600 hours. Xenon lamp is excited by high-pressure xenon, with high brightness and service life of about 2000 hours. However, the start-up time is 3-4 seconds, and there is a distance blind area, which affects the safety of vehicle owners. The European Union has legislated to prohibit the installation of xenon lamp on motorcycles, only led is allowed. However, in China, LED has not been used on a large scale. Guangzhou nine plus one has three years of technical research The motorcycle LED headlamp is integrated, easy to install and has a long life. The main advantages of motorcycle LED lamp are as follows:


motorcycle led warning lights materials


1. world’s patent products, instant start, from the original solution to the lighting blind area. Special material to solve the problem of high temperature heat dissipation.

2. Led universal integration, easy to install, 98% of vehicles can be installed.

3. Led patent 360 degree design, light utilization increased by 30%.

4, high power fan design, 6500 ring / minute, can quickly heat dissipation, effectively extend the lighting life.

5, the use of imported ceramic substrate packaging, rapid heat dissipation, effectively extend the lighting life.

6. Energy saving design, 15W lumen up to 1600 lumen.

7. Compared with halogen lamp, LED light can save 60% energy and increase brightness by 2 times.

8. Led ultra long life up to 30000 hours.

9. Wide voltage design, 8v-36v brightness consistent.

So, above is the all about the requirements of materials of the led motorcycle lights when you want to be the top 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers this time.


motorcycle led warning lights shape


For motorcycle led warning lights, we have many items that mans in this area there are a lot of light shape, and also there a significant number of functions of motorcycle led warning lights. Like led motorcycle led front warning lights and the motorcycle led rear warning lights and the others items, and you know this kind of lights for motorcycle can be customized for several items, you can give us you design and we can offer you the OEM and ODM service. for the shape, it can be Square and round, and for the led lamps power, we can do 3watts. More bight than 1watts. You can use it even in daylight. Some pictures for your reference: https://www.senken-international.com/search.

There we provide you not only the motorcycle led warning lights and also we can offer you Motorcycle System, Motorcycle Products Kits etc.


Then its practicability


For its practicability, for example you can see our Motorcycle system, The motorcycle panoramic forensics system adopts the integrated overall design. The monitoring camera is embedded in the rear host, and the external LED display design can be used to display warning slogans. The system can carry out daily operation through the display screen and controller of the upper computer, and has Bluetooth communication module. It can control the equipment through voice command in the process of driving, and obtain the data information captured by the device.

Motorcycle led warning lights——Product advantages

Highly integrated professional structure design;


Integrated with up to six channels of monitoring cameras and optional forward-looking camera, the real 360 ° distance free monitoring is realized;


The integrated LED display can be used to remind the road condition in the process of patrol and expand the function of snapshot alarm;


At the same time, Bluetooth communication module is connected with walkie talkie and alarm to realize voice control function


I hope you can click this link: https://www.senken-international.com/news_detail/Senken_Motorcycle_Products_Kits_.html and https://www.senken-international.com/news_detail/Motorcycle_Panoramic_Forensics_System.html


Motorcycles are an integral part of many people's lives. These people like to ride motorcycles to different places, so they tend to look for various accessories to make their motorcycle life easier. One of the very important items you will need for your motorcycle is the motorcycle light.


Now you might have the idea that all motorcycle lights look the same and they use it the same way. This is not entirely true. Motorcycle lights can be used as fashion accessories or practical necessities. Because it's one type, there are many different motorcycle lights that you can buy. When you are looking for the most suitable motorcycle lamp for you, you need the specifications of your motorcycle before you buy these lights.


Although you can find different places to sell motorcycles and their accessories, you can also view them on the Internet. Here, you can visit many web pages that can give you the latest trends in motorcycle lights and various prices they come to.


You'll also see various types of motorcycle lights that many people consider essential rather than fashionable. In the past, motorcycle lights were just the usual colors, yellow, white and red. These lights have a variety of uses, such as braking, turning, parking, and seeing clearly in the dark. This feature of motorcycle lights now seems to have changed.


So, you can see, the led motorcycle warning lights play the very important role in our life. And when need the motorcycle led warning lights we have to consider to buy a high quality and good one, so, try to find one of the top 10 motorcycle led warning lights is essential. Then I recommend the SENKEN——top 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers.


Top 10 motorcycle led warning lights manufacturers & suppliers not only famous for its name, but for its many roles which is played by SENKEN in many aspects. We are willing to help many small company and help them to be better. We support you to import the motorcycle led warning lights and help you solve the problems when import the products and assure you can Work with us. You can see our SENKEN news find many answers of your problems: https://www.senken-international.com/news.html


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