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TOP 10 China Military Gear Manufacturers & Suppliers——SENKEN

Sep 29, 2020

TOP 10 China Military Gear manufacturers & suppliers——SENKEN 

We are the TOP 10 China Military Gear manufacturers & suppliers in the world 


We are a manufacturer, a manufacture, a police equipment, police anti riot suit, anti riot helmet, bullet proof vest, bullet proof plate supplier in the world. Specializing in producing Police military gears.


SENKEN is a China Military Gear manufacturers & suppliers and a largest Factory, manufacturer and supplier in china and it is famous overseas, everybody can see our first news by clicking the link: https://www.senkencorp.com/news/how-to-import-police-equipment-police-lightba-38193269.html after reading the articles you will know about our SENKEN and what are do doing and who we are doing for, so SENKEN is of customer for customer, as we all know SENKEN is the best provider for police and Military gears tactical gears the equipments are for body guard that is used by policeman and the law enforcement department and the law enforcement people. You can have a look about SENKEN by clicking the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwVtRgASYyk&t=11s In order to keep the country safe and for their own safety and security, This gadgets are used in many hazardous circumstances. Tactical gears are available for all parts of the body shield. For your whole body protection, our anti riot suit are used, and our latest anti riot suit have several advantages than before, like quick wear and quick take off, lightweight than before and the improvement of the Protective performance, if it can be weared and taken off in seconds, we can solve the problem we are always want to solve, like too heavy, and costs a long time to wear and take off, so our technical team maybe already solve this big problem, please see the anti riot suit by clicking this link, and you can choose the quick wear and quick take off kind of anti riot suit or if you can not find it on our website you can just email us and just google SENKEN on line.


SENKEN was founded in 1990 as a China Military Gear manufacturers & suppliers. already been the suppliers of a significant number of companies overseas. For SENKEN tactical gears call 'SENKEN Military gears' who provides a complete list of gadgets and equipments necessary for police, military, fire fighting, security, and other dangerous function. The series of SENKEN Military gears include gloves, pant & shirt, pouches, footwear, jackets, knife, flashlights, under gear, bullet proof helmet, bullet proof vest, bullet proof plate and many more accessories. Police and military persons undertake rigorous training and learn the basics of using the correct tactical gear for suitable purpose. The vest used for tactical purpose are vital. MVT or modular tactical vest, used by marines, that is used as body armor. The vests were introduced in 1999 as an improved version of the earlier vest. However, there are many types of tactical gears available online for several purposes. Civilians have taken to these dresses as they are fascinated and decided to wear it. Many companies have started to market these tactical gears. And also we have many dealers overseas like Thailand, the Philippines, Sweden, Belgium etc. The online reliable supplier, to all the tactical gadgets is ' SENKEN Military gears'. In their website, you will get police duty gear, tactical holsters, tactical dresses, laser sights, and many more. They have the proper manufacturers to provide the suppliers the authentic tactical gears. They proffer free shipping for orders above $250. They quote reasonable rates. They offer very lucrative discounts on certain items. Moreover Computer Technology Articles, they have an excellent and proficient customer service. And after after-sale service.


So, if you want to purchase or import the anti riot suir or whatever, you have to know how to buy a suit online. SENKEN as a China Military Gear manufacturers & suppliers, provide you the right solutions. 


First of all: Get the right fit

A suit can come in different types of fits. Which one you choose will depend on your comfort and personal preference. There are three basic types of fit: classic fit, modern fit, and slim fit.

Classic fit: This is the fit for men who like to keep it traditional. It’s also the best fit for men with larger frames since there’s more room in the shoulders and torso. Corporate suits are usually in the classic fit.

Slim fit: This is the fit preferred by most modern men. Slim fit suits sit closer to the body with trimmed features like lapels. The coat also happens to be shorter and makes the body appear taller. The slim fit is best for lean, tall men.

Modern fit: This is a lot like slim fit but with more room. The shoulders are narrow like they are in a slim fit suit, but the arm holes have more room for breathability.


In addition: choose the right Color and fabric


What colors or fabric you choose will depend on the weather and the purpose of the suit. Since stripes and patterns are hard to determine from a computer screen, it's wiser to stick to a solid color like navy, grey, or black when buying a suit online.


There are quite a number of different fabrics available for suits, but your choice should depend on the weather. If you're going to wear it in summer, stick to linen or cotton blends for maximum comfort. For winters, go for wool, cashmere, or synthetic blends.


Finally: Measure right


Your measurements make or break your clothing. In the case of a suit, you need to be as precise as possible. Your chest and your waist are what you need to measure when buying a suit online. Measure you chest from armpit to armpit, making sure the tape is snug but not too tight against your torso. Hold the tape with the ends in front of your body and read the measurement carefully.

Take the measurement of your waist wearing the most comfortable pair of trousers you have. Make sure there’s a gap of two fingers between the tape and your body. It is recommended that you have a trusted tailor on hand to make any alterations that your new suit might require.


All the problems or questions you can just ask our sales team on our website : https://www.senken-international.com/ or just google SENKEN you will find us and if you want to know our facebook and you can also communicate with us by Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SENKENCHINA/

And the video and the specific introduction about the anti riot suit details




please looking forward to our next article, we are expecting to solve the problems about how to find a right Military Gear manufacturers & suppliers in the world and we can always provide  you the full solutions for you in importing the goods and products. thanks for your time!