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The Promotion Meeting Of The Special Patrol Brigade Of Sanming City, Fujian Province Was Successfully Concluded.

Jul 14, 2018

In order to further promote the construction of police equipment and strengthen the ability of police officers to stand on the ground, on June 29, SENKEN Group was invited to come to the special patrol brigade of Sanming City, Fujian Province to launch a promotion meeting. The presentation focused on the SPARK Taser exciter, cornering gun, bulletproof helmet, body armor and other equipment, which attracted widespread attention and won praise.


The picture shows the special patrol brigade police officers visiting the experience of interstellar equipment, the instructor enthusiastic explanation demonstration

During the promotion meeting, in the face of the police officers who came to visit the experience, the SENKEN’s interpreter enthusiastically explained the characteristics and functions of the equipment one by one. For the problems and irregularities found during the operation of the police officers, the interpreter pointed out on the spot and It was corrected to further regulate the use of police equipment.


The picture shows that in the face of a variety of SENKEN’S equipment, the special patrol brigade police officers have generated a strong interest, and conducted in-depth discussions in the lecturers.

The successful holding of the promotion meeting was highly recognized and praised by the leaders of the special patrol team, which further deepened the cooperation between police and enterprises, and also improved the ability of police officers in equipment application and disposal measures. In the future, SENKEN will continue to strengthen scientific and technological research and development, help the construction of science and technology police camps, and provide equipment support for police officers' personal safety and rapid handling of police situations.