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The PPSS Cut-proof Jacket ----- Comfortable, Concealed And Wear-resistant !

Mar 20, 2018


The PPSS cut-proof jacket has the function of preventing knife, glass and other sharp objects, and at the same time, it also has anti-biting function. It can reduce the risk of human teeth biting and penetrating other people's skin, so as to prevent the risk of infection and cross infection caused by biting.

It is widely used for public, prosecutors, divisions, law enforcement agencies, prisons, private bodyguards, and immigration officials to ensure personal safety.

Performance Advantages

• Made of Cut-Tex® PRO, a European patented cut-resistant fiber material

• Medium gray color fabric

• Soft and comfortable touch

• Breathable and lightweight

• Perspiration and dryness

• Low-key concealment such as general clothing

• High round neck design to prevent cuts on the wearer's neck


Technical Parameters

• 447 grams per square meter of fabric weight

• 100% Cut-Tex® PRO fabric

• Blade cutting force of 27.8 Newtons, reaching 5th level

• Resists 398.5 Newton tear force, reaching 4th level

• Milled 8,000 times without holes, reaching 4th level

• Clothing does not have flame resistance, but it can be flame retardant after flame retardant treatment with various high-quality flame retardants/flame retardants.

• Do not: Dry cleaning, rolling and drying, machine washing below 40°C, ironing , use softener, bleach, etc.