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The Best Motorcycles Police Equipments ? ----- From SENEKN

May 07, 2018


Recently, the Qingdao City Traffic Police Detachment held a police motorcycle distribution ceremony in the Qingdao School of Transportation Safety Education. The 350 police motorcycles were allotted to various squadrons on duty. They will be on duty with the police. Among them, the eye-catching motorcycle accessory policemen are all from the Senken Group, and Senken's unique high quality has once again gained both market and customer recognition. Now, come with me to meet these dazzling "Senken products"!



Motorcycles Front Light


l  International fashion style, pretty appearance, elegant;

l  Made of polycarbonate material lenses. Optimize the optical path to optimize the warning effect.

l  The light source adopts imported LED and can work for 50,000 hours;

l  High-strength housing, light weight, corrosion resistance, not fade.


Motorcycles Rear Light


l  The light source uses LED lamps.

l  Polycarbonate double shade, dustproof and waterproof.

l  The support rod is made of aluminum alloy material and equipped with a rubber damping device.

l  The height can be adjusted between 740mm-1135mm.

l  Built-in drive circuit or external drive module.




l  Three-way output, control front warning light and rear light;

l  Various flash modes;

l  The main device uses imported products and has a longer life.

l  LED light driver module.




l  High-strength housing, light weight, corrosion-resistant, not fadeable;

l  High power, good sound quality, low distortion;

l  Each set of two speakers, respectively, the main and secondary speakers;

l  Optional line or wireless microphone.


Police Handle


l  The integrated handle is designed to control various motorcycle lights and alarm devices.

l  Made of high quality electronic components and special materials;

l  Innovative appearance, strong shock resistance, easy operation, etc.

l  Widely used in special police motorcycles for supporting use.


Police Motorcycles Side Boxes


l  Designed for the huge body of the large displacement Prince model, large size, large capacity;

l  Streamline appearance, nice, solemn and powerful;

l  The color of the surface is exactly the same as the prescribed police and police blue;

l  Use high-quality safety metal locks.


Police Motorcycles Rear Boxes


l  large capacity;

l  Streamline appearance, beautiful appearance;

l  The surface color is consistent with the prescribed police and police blue;

l  Use high quality safety locks.

With the increasingly severe urban traffic, more and more urban traffic police choose to use motorcycles to improve the ability to handle traffic accidents on the roads. Senken's motorcycle police is also favored by the market. Believe in the choice of market, Senken motorcycle police, you are worth choosing!