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Teach You How To Protect Helmets Lenses

Jun 28, 2017

We are in the Helmets lens when cleaning, in fact, the lens is now not the glass material, but the rubber compounds, the material is basically the same paint composition, so we can use liquid wax for cleaning and conservation.

Helmets lens will inevitably have small insects body, which is the most difficult to clean part, I do not recommend you direct hard pull, or wipe with a rag, you can first use liquid wax on the above softening, wait a minute or two , And then wipe with cotton can be easily removed. For the benefits of the lens with the wax is nothing more than the next heavy rain, the lens is not easy to produce water film, but if the next big rain, it is recommended that you still hurry to hide, do not ride.

There are a variety of cleaning tools on the Helmets, lens wiping bags and other N multi-brand, useful spray foam cleaner, etc. In fact, I think there is no liquid wax easy to use, perhaps those who use the cleaning agent can help remove dust, But after wiping the surface or paint, there is no effect of waxing, ride for a long time the dirty or dirty.

There is also a lens cleaning wipe, first with a piece of wet wiping the lens, and then dry with dry? But the piece of dry material is a bit rough, my Helmets lens scratched, after all, that is the paper towel, the friction coefficient is certainly not cloth well.

Above to share the maintenance of Helmets lenses, hope that everyone's Helmets lenses use a longer time to keep the lens clean.

Helmets lens quality and durable, this is what we need to cherish, we give the film paste a film, when not in use for Helmetss.

Here to share the Helmets lens anti-fog method is as follows:

1, in the Helmets inside the face of a large nose mask, so that water can not be sprayed to the lens, the air pressure generated by the ride will be out of the water vapor outside the Helmets.

2, the lens for processing, the lens on the special medicine soaked, so that water can not condense on the lens. This is the highest cost.

3, the use of design means to control the Helmets in the direction of the air flow in the winter ride to ensure that the Helmets in the temperature of the premise, and then quickly the Helmets of the water vapor out of the Helmets, reduce the humidity in the Helmets, so as to achieve anti-fog Effect.

4, in the Helmets lens is spray a layer of anti-fog agent, the effect is also good, but often spray, more trouble.

Above several kinds of Helmets lens anti-fog several methods, the first high cost, the fourth, the factory design requirements are very high, because the winter insulation and ventilation is relatively contradictory, to achieve a balance node, so that Helmets insulation and no moisture is very difficult.