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TBD290000H Series Lightbar

May 07, 2018


TBD290000H series lightbar is our long-duration warning light with ultra-thin double-layer aluminum structure, which is a new high-power LED light source developed specifically for high-end police vehicles combined with today's international trends.

Widely used in public, inspection, law, division and fire, engineering, ambulance, highway, power and other medium and high-grade special vehicles for the use of warning equipment.



l  LED high-brightness light source is used to greatly increase the warning effect of the entire long-row warning light;

l  The optical design satisfies R65, SEA, GB13954, and the overall effect and grade of the long row of warning lights is greatly improved;

l  Strong waterproof, single component protection class up to IP67;

l  At present domestic high-end warning products.



l  Warning light LED power: 264W (22*4*3W)

l  Lane light LED power: 18W (2*3*3W)

l  Optical Standard: ECE R65 Compliant

l  Protection class: Whole lamp: IP65     Single lamp part: IP67

l  Control method: One-button control

l  Number of Modes: 14 Flash Modes