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Senken - Zhejiang Made -quality Label- Certificate.

Jan 18, 2019

Recently, Senken Group's products warning signal lights for "police cars, fire engines, ambulances, engineering ambulances, signs and lamps " have obtained the certificate of Zhejiang Made "quality label" Certificate.


Senken-Zhejiang Made

"Zhejiang Made" is a regional brand image that represents the advanced nature of Zhejiang manufacturing industry. It takes "regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international recognition" as its core, and "standard + certification". It integrates quality, technology, service and reputation. It is recognized by the market and society as a regional brand image that represents the advanced nature of Zhejiang manufacturing industry. It is a pronoun of high quality and high level. Certified enterprise products can be marked with the word "product" in red letters on the white background. It is the LOGO of "Zhejiang Made" brand and the exclusive logo of first-class Zhejiang goods. It represents the highest quality level of domestic first-class and international advanced industries.


Warning signal light as Senken Group main product, has successfully entered the high-end brand family of "Zhejiang Made". It is Senken Inter's consistent adherence to the principle of "meticulous design, excellent selection of materials, fine manufacturing, and sincere service", and its constant pursuit of quality excellence, as well as its periodic achievements in quality construction.


In recent years, Senken Group was driven by independent technological innovation, has brought into full play the advantages of Seken brand and market. Traditional industry quality upgrading and high-tech product cultivation have been carried out at the same time. Senken has gradually completed the transformation from a production-oriented enterprise of warning signal light to a planner of integrated police information management platform and an integrator of military and police equipment. In the future, Senken Group will achieve its vision of "building an international brand and achieving a century-old Senken" through standard filing, quality upgrading and brand efficiency.

Senken-Zhejiang Made Certificate (1)

Senken-Zhejiang Made Certificate (2)