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Senken Omnidirectional Mobile Robot

Aug 31, 2018

  With the development of various reconnaissance robot products and patents at home and abroad, increasing number of versatile robots will be applied to special fields. The participation of robots can help people solve many difficulties and reduce danger that relevant personnel may suffered.

  In small size and flat shape, SENKEN omnidirectional mobile robot is used for reconnaissance operations in narrow, low-space places, such as the bottom of the car and conference seat, and can also load various sensor modules to detect the target area.


   The robot drive wheel adopts the Mecanum wheel structure with the translational movement ability of any direction angle, which makes the robot more flexible and easier to operate.

CRAB 310


1. Wide-angle observation and automatic correction of image distortion.

2. Four-wheel drive, independent suspension.

3. New Mecanum wheel design with better performance.

4. Infrared detection, one-start automatic inspection.

5. Dual video systems for driving and checking, real-time image 4G wireless uploading.

6. Removable battery and unlimited working hours.

7. It is the only full-featured professional vehicle inspection robot on the market



1. Flexible movement, Mecanum wheel structure design with the ability to translate in any direction angle.

2. Small and flat - more suitable in narrow or low-space places.

3. Fast speed and high efficiency - especially suitable for quick inspection of large areas and low areas.

4. HD wide-angle camera with tilting head.