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Senken New Lightweight Quick Release Body Armor

Mar 26, 2018

Senken lightweight quick release  body armor.

Using  the latest four-wire quick release system.

Can do one key quick release, simple and quick assembly.

It is effective, simple and hidden to remove the body armor.

And the body armor is extremely simple and easy to assemble.



Vest  use 500D du + mesh lining, inserting buckles with the UTX buckle

Bulletproof material: Imported aramid fiber

Bulletproof level: NIJ IIA, NIJ IIIA…

Vest weights 1.43 kg, NIJ IIIA weighs around  3.4 kg,

Thermal sealing process, water proofing property, uv protection performance



Bulletproof material:

imported aramid as raw material

density of 220 g,

compared to other bulletproof material at the same level  with the function for lighter weight, bulletproof performance more stable.

The bulletproof material sealed with black material, with the function of waterproof, moisture-proof and UV protection


The front side


It is made of 500D cordua fabric. It has the advantages of strong anti-tearing ability, wear-resisting and waterproof, and its fabric, color and function can be customized according to customer's requirement.

The shoulder USES overlay to connect the way, convenient to adjust and add the shoulder design, even if long wear also won't feel tired, heavy.

The MOLLE system can be installed at any time according to the requirements, and the installation and disassembly operation is simple and convenient.



The back side:


The back of jacket is designed with an emergency pull strap

The MOLLE system can be mounted on the back of the operation.






It is easy and convenient to install the quick-release button in the front of the body.

The main tool of the main body connection of the shoulder and the tactical vest is one of the two shoulder straps, which is relatively simple, easy to understand, convenient and quick without training.

Add the MOLLE system on both sides of the shield to install the tactical package.

The inner lining of the body of the body armor is designed and used by the mesh module, which can be removed easily for cleaning and replacement. After long wearing, more comfortable, breathable and sweated.

The back part of the waist is designed to adjust the waist size by means of a stretch cord.