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Senken In CTSE 2018 SHOW

Aug 20, 2018

   Senken has attended the 10th China International Road of Traffic Security products Expo & Traffic Police Equipment Exhibition in Chengdu from 15th-17th, August, 2018. At this trade fair, customers showed great interests in the senken’s new concept and products- Smart mobile policing and integrated smart transportation solutions.


Vehicle Mounted Panoramic Forensics System

Vehicle Mounted Panoramic Forensics System was developed by Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, jointly designed by Senken Group. The system implements dynamic supervision and intelligent forensics of illegal driving behavior on the road by installing high-precision, intelligent, integrated and humanized law enforcement forensics equipment on the patrol car. The selection of system follows the basic principles of high accuracy of capture, simple operating procedures and low production cost, which provides customers with cost-effective and practical products. Therefore, the system can be used to regulate highway traffic order, reduce accident rate, save police presence, and play a positive role in creating a safe and smooth traffic environment.


Panoramic Forensics system for Motorcycle

Panoramic Forensics system for Motorcycle can effectively meet needs for supervising the traffic safety and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement. It has the functions of automatic capturing for illegal parking, occupying dedicated lanes and manual capturing of various road violations, uploading video and data. 


Smart Mobile Patrol Terminal

It has the function of charging the drone, real-time battery power monitoring, releasing information, locating police car, and intelligent analysis, etc. Moreover, it can collect information from accidents or crime scenes quickly, conduct aerial surveys, and automatically measure data.