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Senken Highway Vehicle Panoramic Evidence System

Jan 12, 2018

Senken highway vehicle panoramic evidence system is equipped on the patrol cars with high-precision, intelligent, integration and humanized law enforcement evidence devices, so as to achieve dynamic supervision and intelligent evidence on vehicle with violations on roads. It can automatically capture speeding, inspection and control, emergency lane occupancy and wrong drive in the prescribed lane, and it capture a variety of illegal vehicle on the road, manually capture and send back live video and surveillance video, evidence data upload with wireless and it has sound and warning light function.




Senken attracts great attention from customers and media at home and abroad due to its excellent research and system performance, exquisite workmanship and complete layout. Through the existing technology advantages, Senken will enter the market of military, police, transportation and other industries, continue to provide users with integrated services such as R & D, manufacturing and technology support, and vigorously expand the market of smart police information platform. Looking forward to the future, Senken group as always will strive for the great goal of the prosperity of the motherland and the long-term stability of the society.