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Senken Equipments Help Border Vehicle Inspection

Nov 06, 2017

Recently, in a point of drug enforcement , the border guards and soldiers worn new single-soldier special equipment have inspected passing vehicles.These practical worn equipments with nice appearance are come from Senken.They not only enhances efficiency of vehicle detection, but also effectively deter drug crime.


It is said that this batch of equipment includes seven categories, such as protective arm shield, tactical gloves and police goggles, which are equipped according to the task requirements. Compared with the previous vehicle chassis inspection, this apparatus can check car chassis clearly and intuitively in a short time to make the  detection more efficiently.


This new equipment is not only practical, but also has high safety factor.For instance,police goggles can protect your eyes from injury,the multi-function barcer can effectively withstand the puncture when caughting criminal.




01 BFAST Bullet-proof Helmet with Slide Way


Equipped:  reflective identification seal, blood type seal and flag seal(two sets);

Performance: the aramid fibers made of a new type of lightweight composite bulletproof helmets, weight 1.48 kg.Using adjustable suspension system, the liner is composed of two kinds of foam, its position can be adjusted to provide better wearing comfort. The magic stick on the helmet can be used to paste flag, blood type, identification, etc., and it can also be used with signal lights and survival lamps. The night vision base is equipped front of the helmet to be used directly for night vision device installation. There are tactical slide ways on both sides of helmet to install signal lamps, flashlights,recorders and wind mirrors, etc. Meet level 2 of GA293-2012 police bulletproof helmet and mask standard and penetration of the 51-type 7.62MM pistol projectile (lead core) of the 54 - type pistol.

02 Multi-function protection shield


Shield: high hardness and high toughness 5052 alloy aluminum, it can be used for cutting and fighting.

Hanging rack: the impact surface is fixed with three rows of stainless steel barbed nails,prevent the cutting tool from sliding.

Armband: high grade waterproof, anti-aging, fire-retardant fixed belt;

Protective area: 0.054 ㎡;

Dimensions: 385 x 190mm (single);

Weight: 890g.

03 Multi-function antiriot arm shield


Specifications: 660x300; Weight: 1.96 kg; Protection area: 0.19 ㎡.

"Public security border defense"on the front.

Material: high strength military alloy aluminum; strong impact strength can withstand 147J kinetic energy impact and 147J hitting energy.There is no broken or no more than 6mm crack after hitting.

Structure: the shield is made of high strength military alloy aluminum with 2 metal Window-broken machines on the front and a handle on the back.

Features: simple structure, advanced performance, easy to carry, support both attack and defense, with lighting function.