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Senken CFX182600 Roof-Mounted Lighting Equipment Site Scan

Sep 03, 2018

Roof-Mounted Lighting Equipment is a vehicle-mounted, all-round positioning light tower for night emergency research. It has the characteristics of automatic reset, reliable performance, easy operation and good vibration resistance, mainly used in accident scence, criminal investigation, emergency lighting, road site construction, fire fighting, etc.

CFX182600 Roof-Mounted Lighting Equipment.jpg

With the function of up, down, rise, and drop, Senken CFX182600 can lift from the roof to the position of 90 degree and extended to be 1.8m, and it can complete a  search through the rotating from all directions of 330 degree vertically and 380 horizontally. Suitable for medium-sized special vehicles such as communication command vehicles, lighting vehicles, rescue vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles, etc.


The site scan can be customized with camera on the camera bracket of rotary platform to meet the demands of video function.