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Riot Fense : The Security Line Of Life

Dec 22, 2017

In public places of large-scale activities , it is difficult to rely on staff to maintain the order, Senken riot fence can effectively separate the audience and the stage, the outside world and the performance scene reduce the incidence of accidents. In the event of a rioting out of police, Senken riot fence is easy to carry, you can quickly deploy a defensive barrier, the riot crowd isolated to maintain law and order.




1. Easy to carry, easy to operate

2. Foldable, easy to use

3 Using 6061-T6 aluminum, high strength, fight against.


Putting away


Expansion height: 1.2m

Bottom width: 1m

Bottom length: 1.24m

Folded height: 0.12m

Total weight: ‚ȧ30kg

Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy

Fight force: 100kg

Note: metal fence lock connected to each other, there is no gap between.


Suitable for professional travel, major events (such as large-scale concerts, concerts, temporary events, large-scale exhibitions, car tours, workshop isolation, large-scale celebrations, large exhibitions, major games, etc.), airports, riots and other places.


Public security interception,the effective isolation of people and vehicles,to ensure population safety


Large-scale concerts, performances and other occasions, effectively isolate the performers and the masses