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Reflective Vest

Jan 10, 2018

Every day, traffic policeman with the coming and going of vehicles pass by. And rub shoulders with them, not only traffic and the crowd, but also all kinds of weather conditions and traffic environment, as well as a variety of traffic accidents and dangers. Therefore, this special group needs special protective equipment, reflective garments, is the most common but indispensable of all the single police equipment, and its quality and market price is indeed uneven. High-quality traffic police reflective clothing, from the design and material selection must be more superior, reflective protective performance is better.


But do we really know reflective vest?


What is reflective clothing


We usually refer to reflective clothing (reflective tape, lattice belt, reflective coating) seams, hot, printed on the outer layer of the main parts of the clothes or vest made of (some reflective clothing is the entire surface of the clothes Painted with reflective paint). It is a personal protective equipment used to achieve the warning effect at night or bad weather.


Reflective clothing classification


According to the type of wearer: fashion reflective clothing and occupational protective reflective clothing.


According to reflective clothing styles are divided into: reflective vest, reflective T-shirt (POLO), reflective jacket, reflective pants, reflective raincoats, reflective suits and so on.


According to the use of reflective clothing is divided into: reflective raincoat, sanitation workers reflective clothing, reflective riding gear, reflective uniforms, reflective casual wear, traffic police reflective service, outdoor reflective sportswear, reflective protective clothing, reflective overalls,special trade reflective suits Protective Equipment.


Reflective clothing role


Suitable for road workers, traffic and transportation departments, road command staff, cleaners, sanitation workers, etc., is also suitable for travel, cycling, night running crowd, its high reflective alert, can well protect the wearer Security.


People's safety awareness and anti-reflective clothing more and more popular Today, Star Holding Group Co., Ltd. understands that people want is not just a reflective vest, but to a high quality, high effect, cost-effective High-quality reflective clothing.