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Reflective Stab Resistant Vest

Feb 01, 2018

Reflective Stab Resistant Vest

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Senken brand reflective stab resistant vest is adopted lightweight stab-resistant material,but weighs 3 kilograms,in addition to defend against sharp objects such as narrow knife, glass, needles and cone nails and other sharp things piercing function,but also defends the sticks, stones and hammers and other weapons' impact hitting behavior. 

Fluorescent yellow high reflective vest, to make users can more easily be recognized in the dark.Suitable for traffic police, road workers, etc., to ensure personal safety.

Performance characteristics

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1. Made of lightweight, thin polycarbonate plates 

2. Adapt to the harsh environment of high temperature and high humidity 

3. Bright fluorescent yellow is easy to be recognized in the night. 

4. protect the vital organs of body torsoof 

5. Easy to put on and tak off quickly

6. Longer service life (compared to Kevlar products which is 3 to 5 years of life)

Technical Parameters

Fluorescent yellow high reflective vest.png

1. Weight 2.3 kg (L size as standard)

2. Can defend 24 jouls of stabbing force (to allow the maximum penetration of 7 mm)

3. Can defend 36 joules of the assault force (to allow the maximum penetration of 20 mm),in line with NIJ0115.00 stab-proof standard first-class requirements; at the same time meet HOSDB stab protection standards Level 1 requirements.

4. The interior is made of polycarbonate plate with a thickness of 5 mm

5.YKK zipper is easy to zip and open,and the shoulder part is easy to adjust

6. Product color is fluorescent yellow

7. Outer layer is made of high durable nylon,to adapt to high temperature and humidity environment

8.The coat is easy to disassemble and can be washed for machine

9. Size: XS ~ 4XL