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Police Show In Inner Mongolia

May 10, 2017

    On 5th, May, 2017, hosted by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Department, the Ministry of Public Security Police Equipment Procurement Center, and co-organized by Inner Mongolia You Tai Culture Development Co., Ltd, "the first international police equipment display promotion of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, " in Hohhot new city Hoh Tara Conference Center successfully concluded.

    Senken with police equipment products and intelligent system integrated program debuted this promotion, and attracted extensive attention of industry customers and leaders, as well as received high praise. In the new form of the Internet+, Senken proposed a new intelligent integrated program, committed to meet the needs of customers in various industries, and greatly improve the efficiency of police force.

    During the promotion session, introduced by the staff  and live demonstration experience, customers and leaders had a more intuitive, more sophisticated understanding to our new intelligent integrated program (new intelligent lights, highway vehicle panorama evidence collection system, UAV system and wireless transmission equipment) and lead to widespread concern.

   The new intelligent police light through the intelligent algorithm, to extract the video information structuring, to achieve people - people, people - cars, cars - cars, car - command center interoperability, which gives the police management provided Flat management shortcut. The Senken highway car panorama evidence collection system is through the installation of integrated in the police car, intelligent, information, integration of law enforcement evidence collection equipment, to achieve the vehicle violations for dynamic regulation, intelligent evidence.

   At the same time, Vice Minister of Domestic Trade Liu Ying on behalf of Senken signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which is not only a great affirmation of the Senken, but also to promote the exchange of police and manufacturer, to ensure the contact between police and manufacturer,  helps to improve the functionality and practicability of the program.

   The successful implementation of the current police equipment promotion, not only implement the comprehensive deepening of public security reform strategic plan, in-depth consolidation of the "210" project construction results, further enhance the police equipment, police service capabilities, and comprehensively promoted the exchange and cooperation in the field of regional police equipment. Senken with excellent quality, professional programs, innovative thinking get the recognition of many customers and leadership. In the future, Senken will continue to work hard, pioneering and innovative, with more professional products and integrated programs to return to the community, contribute to the cause of Chinese security.