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Police Motorcycle Mounted 360° Warning Monitoring System

Jun 08, 2018


Product Features:

1. Automatic capture

*  Illegal parking.

*  Occupies a dedicated lane.

*  Vehicle limiter .

2. Other functions

*  Manually capture a variety of road violations.

*  Live video surveillance transmission.

*  Warning signal light.

*  Wireless upload data.


3.  Intelligent

*  Variety of illegal automatic capture.

*  Vehicle number plate video analysis technology.

*  Automatically obtaining illegal locations.

4. Integration

*  Six-way high-definition wide-angle camera.

*  Video surveillance and 4G wireless transmission.

*  Beidou/GPS positioning.

*  High brightness warning signal light.

5.  Informationization

*  Forensic data and monitoring images 4G Netcom transmission.

*  Seamless integration of six-in-one, integrated command and video monitoring platform.

*  Capture data encryption to prevent tamper.

*  Automatically superimpose all types of illegal information to form a complete evidence chain.