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Senken Newest CJZ-Z160-XJ01/02 Baton

Aug 25, 2018


    As a non-lethal weapon, baton is widely used by policeman for that it can effectively subdue criminals without causing serious harm, even if they are taken away by the criminals. Senken’s newest baton CJZ-Z160-XJ01/02 modular baton can solve the technical problems of the traditional batons such as short size and softness.


    CJZ-Z160-XJ01/02 is a quick connectable long baton made of two long batons with connecting pieces at both ends. The baton is characterized in that it comprises a hand-held portion, a striking portion and a connecting portion, wherein the connecting portion is a spirally connected metal assembly provided with a self-locking device. Moreover, it has an attack head on one end and stick body is covered with a rubber, which is shock-absorbing and comfortable to hold.


    Under normal attack, it will not cause permanent damage to the human body meanwhile can protect the policeman. When emergency occurred, two batons can be connected within few seconds with great convenience. 

     Length can be customized: 1.2m,1.3m,1.4m,1.5m,1.6m,1.7m,1.8m