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New Product: SAN Electric Hydraulic Rescue Tool

Dec 18, 2017


Product introduction:

The SAN electric hydraulic rescue tool is the smallest volume, the lightest weight and the most portable type of the same function tool group in the world. It can be operated by a single soldier and the most suitable tool for breaking the tactical requirements.

The simple switch has two key remote control design, simplifies the breaking and dismantling process, and ensures the micro sound working state.The two operating modes of manual hydraulic and electric hydraulic can be selected.

Under the electric hydraulic operation mode, it supports the single soldier, and greatly improves the mobility in the course of action.

Manual hydraulic operation mode also support single operation, the whole process constant force pressure, single hand and foot can be used to complete the operation.



It is small in size, light in weight, large in energy, strong in portable mobility, and can be operated independently. It is suitable for rapid assault and demolition tactics.

Electric drive hydraulic, operation sounds light no spark, the fastest can be broken in 5 seconds.

Expansion - break expansion, expander clamp reached 6.2 tons, cutting strength cut reached 23 tons of amazing, and can get rid of most of the market open door, whether it is Open type or swing-out.

The door of the minimum size requirements, the minimum can be broken down only 1.5mm door door, even if the door is less than 1.5mm, can also use the stylus accessories fast break.

The battery can be used independently and can work simultaneously by connecting 2 broken and dismantling tools to meet the broken and dismantling tasks of complex scenes.

The operation of the rescue tool is simple and intelligent, the controller control program, such as random code, prompt alarm and instant reset function.

Knapsack fabric with advanced Oxford cloth, wear-resistant and waterproof, single soldier design, the package of high quality materials, reasonable storage equipment and protection equipment.