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New Product: Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating Suit

Dec 19, 2017

The Seken far-infrared carbon fiber heating clothing is a high-tech product with high quality and high safety. It is made by many technologies combined with the group, enabling users to feel the warmth of spring in cold environment.


It is suitable for outdoors working groups such as army, public security, traffic police, security, electric power, petroleum, architecture, transportation, mountaineering, traveling, fishing lights, outdoor vacation and leisure groups, and living people in the frigid zone.

Design and material selection:

The product is internal wear protective clothing, personalized design, simple and generous, practical.

The controller sets high, middle and low temperature control, using silica gel controller, and the controller is placed in the left chest. Placket and pockets are used for Japan's first brand YKK zipper, reliable quality.

The material is soft and light, comfortable to wear, with wind proof coating, buffer cooling speed, so that the temperature is more durable, and the air permeability is strong, keep the interior dry.

The selection of interlayer and inner material conforms to the clothing requirements of the Ministry of public security, which is thin and warm and antistatic.

Technical characteristics:

Through charging type temperature controlled lithium battery, the internal carbon fiber is heated and the heating temperature is from 30 to 46.

The low voltage battery design is absolutely safe to the human body.

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, heating of the important parts of the human body chills, can feel the whole temperature;

The release of far infrared ray activates the activity of biological macromolecules, and it has a certain physiotherapy effect.

After taking off the battery, the clothes can be washed directly (machine washing or hand washing), so it can be connected and used after drying and drying naturally.

Technical parameter:

Labeled battery: DC7.4V/6000mA

Carbon fiber electric heating sheet: 3 slices

Charging time: less than 5 hours

Charge and discharge times: 300 times

Washable performance of electric heating sheet: water washing can be washed under non electrified condition

Style size: Male / female / large and medium trumpet (can be increased)

Number: 3 gear

Indicator light color and temperature rise (compared to ambient):

Red: +30 C

White: +20 C

Blue: +10 C