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Multifunctional High Intensity Explosive-proof Flash Fight

Jan 22, 2018



Suitable for electricity industry, railways, petrochemical industry, oil fields and various industrial and mining enterprises for inspection and maintenance lighting, can also be used for a variety of flammable and explosive places.


Explosion-proof: It’s totally complying with national anti-explosion standard, in the highest level of isolating explosion type. With excellent explosion-proof performance and anti-static effect, can be safely work in a variety of flammable and explosive places;

Efficient and reliable: High-energy memory-less lithium battery, high energy density, large capacity, non-polluting, economical and eco-friendly, recyclable, good high and low temperature performance, with charge protection and long life, safe and reliable, chargeable at any time. The power no less than 95% of full capacity after half of one year, no less than 80% of capacity within two years when not in use;

Energy conservation: The light source adopt with imported special ultra-high intensity LED ,low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, soft light, no glare, will not cause operators’ visual fatigue and improve their work efficiency;

Intelligent protection: User-friendly power instructions and low-voltage warning design, can detect battery power any time; when the power is low, the indicator will automatically warning for charging;

Convenient and flexible: Unique design, reasonable structure, novel appearance and long lighting time, can continuous lighting for more than 15 hours without attenuation, the lamp can be adjusted within the angle range of 135 ° and 180 °. Can adjust focal length without lighting dead zone . Lamp can be magnetic adsorption, easy to use; good waterproof structure designed to work in the rain, and has strong penetrating of water spray, suitable for rainy or foggy weather for emergency situations;

Carry method: Can handheld, magnetic adsorption, handing and other carry method.



Rated voltage: 3.7V

Rated capacity: 4.4Ah

Power: 2x3W

Average life: 10 thousand hours

Continuous lighting (high intensity): > 10 hours

Continuous lighting (work light): >15 hours

Luminous flux: 2200Lx

Charging: <8 hours

Battery life cycle: 1500 loops

Dimensions: 220*103*86mm

Weight: 0.38kg