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Motorcycle Panorama Forensics System

May 05, 2018


In recent years, the conventional mode of road traffic management based on police vehicles has been unable to meet the actual conditions of long-term saturation of the city's main road traffic. Traffic police cavalcades have been established throughout the country.

The Luhe Traffic Police Team was established on March 28, 2018.


The Shanwei Traffic Police Team was established on February 14, 2018.


The Quanzhou Traffic Police Team was established on October 30, 2017.


The Chengdu Chengdu Traffic Police Team was established on August 23, 2017.


The Wuhan Traffic Police Team was established on August 19, 2016.


The Shenzhen Traffic Police Team was established on March 2, 2016.


The traffic police squadrons that have been established throughout the country have solved the dilemma that police cars were not strong enough to move to the scene of the police at the first time, and that their rate of active discovery was not high. Therefore, the traffic police's demand for supporting equipment is more pressing and the requirements are more stringent.

In response to this situation, Senken Group has developed a panoramic motorcycle forensics system that can effectively meet the traffic control requirements of some traffic policemen in urban areas and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement.



01  Atomatic capture

l  Illegal parking

l  Occupying a dedicated lane

l  License plate limit

02  Other Functions

l  Manual capture of multiple road violations

l  Live surveillance video transmission

l  Warning lights

l  Forensic data wireless upload



01  Intelligent

l  A variety of illegal automatic capture

l  Vehicle license plate video analysis technology

l  Automatically obtaining technology for illegal locations


02  Integration

l  Six-way high-definition wide-angle camera

l  Video surveillance and 4G wireless video transmission

l  Beidou/GPS positioning

l  High brightness warning lights


03  Informatization

l  Forensic data and monitoring images 4G Netcom transmission

l  Six-in-one, integrated command, video surveillance platform seamless docking

l  Capture data encryption and tamper protection

l  All kinds of illegal information automatically superimposed to form a complete evidence chain