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Mobile Police Service Station Helps WUHAN Police Equip With “Clairvoyant And Clairaudience”

Dec 26, 2017

To enhance the police visibility and control capability in concentration, and for constantly improve the city's street dynamic control ability, in 29th Nov, Public Security Bureau of Wuhan City held the using training -release ceremony of mobile police service station (Intelligent patrol vehicle), laid a firm guarantee for "Peace Wuhan". These mobile police service stations are hotly debated since them debuted, which are all from SENKEN Group.


Technician was explaining the use of mobile police service station


    Technician demonstrates the police equipment in the trunk

Technicians explained and demonstrated the usage of information system and police equipments for the leaderships and first line police officers on the spot, and detailed the problems which may be encountered in the process. So that the police officers can mast the performance of the mobile police service station, and to take full advantage of early warning, prevention and emergency response.


Mobile police service station release ceremony


Mobile police service station lined up

In the subsequent release ceremony, 50 brand new mobile police service stations lined up, and Wuhan Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau attended the ceremony and delivered an important speech.

The mobile police service station is highly mobile and informative and can fully meet the needs of patrolling police. It will be developed four police officers respond for patrolling and control, setting up check post, emergency containment, information collection, traffic management and convenience service and so on. Highlight key area patrols and road traffic management.



Mobile police service station debut in the streets and attracting attentions


Police officers visited the interior of mobile police service station

The station equips with integrated intelligent headlights and built in 4G image transmission, GPS positioning system. Taking advantage of 4G video network technology and positioning technology, police can control, schedule and command very well. Besides, equips with 5 ways camera to realize 360-degree video surveillance around the station. The roof is equipped with foldable lighting mast, the lamp can be raised up to 1.8m to achieve a large area around the vehicle to realize emergency lighting. The station body is equipped with LED vehicle display screen on both sides, so that can achieve a large-scale LED traffic warning on both sides.

It is equipped with vehicle station, computers, multi-function printers, WIFI patrols and other information systems equipments to enable mobile office. Trunk, with a police shield, police steel fork, cut-resistant gloves, bullet-proof vests and other protective equipment and on-duty equipment. Trunk equipped with police shields, police steel fork, cut-resistant gloves, bullet-proof vests and other protective and on-duty equipments.


Mobile police service station in an orderly manner departure from the ceremony site

SENKEN’S highly integrated and intelligent mobile police service station has been successfully delivered and distributed, providing a flat management shortcut for police management and police intelligence handling, and truly being a technology-intensive police officer. In the future, SENKEN Group will shoulder the mission, increasing investment in scientific research, creating and innovating, to make more contributions for our nation policing and security.


The use of mobile police service stations will further enhance the efficiency of police handling and security and stability

It is reported that the placement of 50 mobile police service stations in densely populated places is one of the ten practical things in Wuhan Government’s doing list. After these mobile police service stations took them place, they will cooperate with Street Police Integrated Services Station to expand coverage of street patrols. Can quickly and effectively set check post, camp stakeout, checking, routine duty and other police and service activities. Further enhance the efficiency of police handling and security and stability.