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LTE1835 Warning Light

May 08, 2018


The LTE1835 warning light uses high-power LEDs and has a long service life. Unique appearance design, the whole lamp is ultrathin, the light source structure is compact, the operation is convenient, there are many kinds of flash modes. It is a warning light designed specifically for all types of emergency vehicles.


l  Adopt high-brightness high-power LED, professional optical design, passed ECER65 and SAEJ595 standard.

l  Use highly transparent PC material.

l  Multiple modes are optional.

l  With synchronous and asynchronous features.

l  Protection class up to IP67.

l  The use of a waterproof breathable film solves the fogging problem of the product.

l  Reverse polarity protection function.



l  Working voltage: 10-30V

l  Working current: 1.3A

l  Color: Monochrome (red, yellow, blue, and white)

l  LED: 6*3W

l  Flashing mode: 12 kinds

l  Protection class: IP67

l  Temperature: -40°C~+75°C

l  Standard: ECER65 CLASS2 SAEJ595