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LTE1675 Rotating Beacon Instruction

Feb 07, 2018


A.Product Overview

LED Rotating beacon LTE1675 is newly designed by our company according to the application requirements in different fields of the market. With the features of high intensity, low consumption, long service life, high stability and easy installation. Can be applied to the installation of special vehicles in different fields. Have big warning visual angel up to 360 °.

B.Technical parameters

Working voltage: DC10-30V


Working temperature: -40℃~+75℃

Light dimension: φ110×217mm

Color option: Amber

Flash pattern:Circulation flashing pattern and sharp-flash pattern (Circulation flashing pattern default installation for DIN mounted light except for special requirements.




Install the rotating beacon onto the socket. It has no mode switching function, can be set before leaving the factory. Circulation flashing pattern default installation, except for special requirements.


1,Positive and negative power can not be revered otherwise cannot work properly;

2,Keep the leans clean so as not to affect the luminous effect;

3,This product is strictly prohibited contact with strong acids (such as strong sulfuric acid, strong nitric acid, etc.) to prevent damage to the product;

4,Can not look directly long time after the product is lighting otherwise it will cause vision damage;

5,As the product continues to improve, we have the right to update the specifications and product information. If there are some updated information of the product, we will not notify one by one. Thanks for your understanding.


Finished products should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, handle gently without heavy pressure to avoid damage.