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JPX High-speed Lachrymosity Device

Dec 27, 2017



JPX high-speed lachrymosity is the most powerful handheld protective lachrymosity device at present in the world.

Conventional tear launchers will cause environmental pollution after emiting diffusive spray, JPX lachrymosity device uses natural tear gas, it will not pollute the scene and harm the target body, and with unique power launchers, infrared targeting, launch fast And can accurately target object.

JPX High-speed lachrymosity device attacks between the two in comparison to close-range targets for cold weapons, firearm hot weapons and other lethal attacks. Make it completely subdued without any exposure to the target and without any danger to life. At the same time, it will not cause unnecessary casualties to the innocent people in the surrounding area in a crowded situation.

Patent Features

Efficient lachrymosity without residual pollution

The JPX lachrymosity device equipped with two cascading refillable live or training bombs , changeable cartridge system to make law enforcement more effective.

Patented launch box design provides a unique self-cleaning mechanism to prevent users from being sprayed with the residue of the nozzle after accidental injury.