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In What Ways Is The Helmets Good Or Bad?

Jun 06, 2017

The Helmets is good or bad, so how do we distinguish the Helmets? What are the main areas to consider? A good Helmets is judged by texture, lining, comfort, breathability, wind resistance and so on.

The "texture" Helmets is usually made of foamed material and has a smooth shell surface;

"Inner lining" is the part of the inside of the Helmets that touches the head, which can enhance the comfort of the wearer at ordinary times and cushion the head from impact. The well-made Helmets has a large coverage, a better texture, and a firmer adhesion to the inside of the Helmets;

"Wind Resistance Effect": The Helmets will be the person's hair in the Helmets, itself has reduced the head of the wind resistance, and for the enthusiasm to promote speed of friends, Helmets shape on the impact of wind resistance is also worthy of attention;

"Use" anti-collision, prevent tree leaves hit, prevent flying stone hit, divert rainwater, breathable, speed up. A Helmets with a brim can prevent sunburn, a reflective sign on a Helmets and a night-time ride to avoid a bump.

"Wear comfort" is mainly due to the weight, lining and the suitability of the head surrounding the personal feeling, wearing a comfortable Helmets can greatly reduce the head and neck of the rider's oppression and to maximize the protection effect when the impact;

"Breathability" the head for a long time in a stuffy state will adversely affect the scalp, but also make the rider feel uncomfortable. So the good Helmets or the number of holes, or the size of the hole is larger, this is to enhance the permeability.


We identify the quality of the Helmets is mainly from the above points to distinguish, I hope you can choose the appropriate Helmets.