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Hubei Police Use Senken New Motocycle Warning Equipments

Oct 12, 2017

LTG1705 Motorcycle front warning light

Popular style and beautiful appearance


Waterproof level:IP66

180 degree lighting with good warning effect


LTE1725 Motorcycle small LED warning light

Beautiful appearance

Waterproof level:IP67

Max power:4pcsx3W

Slim design, thickness:14.5mm


LTG1695 Motorcycle rear warning light

Slim design

Popular style and beautiful appearance

High powerLED,it can approveECE R65 T1 standard

Water proof level:IP66

360 degree rotation with switching flash model. Good warning

Effect and lower power


 DSJ-B6 police body worn camera (Audio and video)

DSJ-B6 police body camera

DSJ-B6 police body camera is high-tech video recording camera, acollaboration of video, photography and recording. The pre-recording time of the camera can extend to 35 minutes, of which the image is clear, ,with the features of continuous long recording time, password to unlock, waterproof and aseismatic capacity. Widely used in public security, traffic police, urban management and other departments, it provides a strong guarantee to further promoting to standardize law enforcement.


Image Sensor

Sensors using the United States imported Micron Technology (Magnesium) energy efficient CMOS, powerful 2304 × 1296/30 frame full HD shooting effect, 3800 (8000 × 4768) million efficient camera pixels. Video processing effect is good, colorful, even in low light conditions can also get low-noise high-quality clear image

Shot: Field angle 128°(1280*720)

Continuous recording time: 11 hours, stand by: 200hours

Waterproof level: IP68

Falling height: 3.5m

video resolution:2304×1296、2560×1080、1920×1080、1920×1080、1280×720、1280×720、848×480

photography effective pixel: 7552x4248; 6400x3600; 5632x3168; 4800x2700; 4032x2268; 3200x1800; 2688x1512

vibration video:beat start recording, beat again stop recording.

DSJ-X6 4G police body camera

 DSJ-X6 4G police body camera

DSJ-X6 4G body camera with video, audio and recording function. As one of the high-tech field of law enforcement audio and video recording equipment.

Clear video images, long time continuous video, with the password to unlock, waterproof and other characteristics.

DSJ-X6 4G police body camera meet the industry A-level standards, strict shape design, professional structural design. It is using the industry's most advanced two-color injection molding process, the plastic molding surface after the full silicone injection, greatly enhance the anti- Drop water resistance.

With a separate turn on, video, camera and recording button; professional waterproof design, can be used in a variety of harsh environments.

● Small size, light weight, the same volume of battery life more than doubled times, single battery can be continuous recording 6.5 hours, in the case of a battery replacement time can be continuous recording 13 hours, standby time of 200 hours or more.

● Cover with two-color injection molding process, plastic molding after the surface of the whole silicone injection molding, drop height of up to 3.5 meters

● Waterproof level:IP65,

●video resolution:Max 2560×1440

● photography effective pixel:Max 8000×5248

●Infrared night vision:10m site can see people face clearly,20m site can see people profile

● pre-recording time:Max 35 minutes

● video playback:Max 128times fast forward and fast backward

● vibration video:beat start recording, beat again stop recording.

● All zoom resolution is available for digital zoom, zoom 4 ×, 10 ×, 16 ×, 32 ×, 64 × zoom, digital zoom up to 64 times.