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Hand-held Tear Sprayer

Jun 14, 2018


In the past May Day, there were violent protests in Paris following peaceful demonstrations. Thousands of masked men were hitting shops and throwing petrol bombs. The Paris police used tear gas and high pressure water guns to fight back and arrested more than 200 people.


Looking at the domestic market, on May 18, 18 person mass brawl; on May 13th, Fujian’s streets group people fight with attack equipment; on February 25, Jiangnan, Nanning In the vicinity of the Yonghe Bridge in the district, there was a major case of fighting with more than 100 people and causing numerous injuries.


In the face of increasingly severe social situations and various criminal activities, the police equipment provided by the police officers should be equipped with a large tear gas sprayer in addition to the normal equipment and riot shields in order to handle all kinds of emergencies.


Because of the this situation, Senken introduced a hand-held tear sprayer, a non-lethal, high-pressure filling and dissipating device that is easy to carry and is ideally suited for shocking and dispelling crowd events.


In the weekday training for police officers, it can be reused repeatedly with clean water filling. According to different environmental needs during actual combat, different additives can be added instantly (OC tear, stain, foam fire extinguishing agent).




Liquid filling volume: 1.5 liters


Working pressure: 18bar


Pressure tank diameter: 11cm


Total length: 45cm


The longest distance (beam): ≤ 10 meters